Stamps from post-Gulf War Iraq are now locally produced and crudely printed compared to pre-war stamp issues produced in Europe.These newer issues are somewhat elusive. I have been fortunate to have a good philatelic friend in Baghdad. This exhibit will continue to grow

Native Women

Propaganda S/S to end Embargo (1995)

Guess what? Saddam Hussein is reelected!
Referendum Day S/S (undated)

When you have a dictator as wonderful as Saddam Hussein,
your country issues not one, but
2 souvenir sheets for your birthday.
Birthday of Saddam Hussein (1995)

Palestine Day

Propaganda for the Wafa'a Alqa'id water project.
Saddam diverted some of his billions to the poor people of Iraq so they could have water to drink.
Wafa'a Alqa'id Project (1997)